Strike Zone News

March 2016
April 3, 2016

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  • March saw the South East Trade Winds pick up through the middle of the month, forcing us to seek shelter in the estuaries. We also had around 200mm of rain at the start of the month, which coincided with the full moon, which did fire the fish up in the estuaries for about a week. Hopefully there's still a bit more to come yet, however with the humidity dropping and no monsoonal troughs on the horizion, it isn't looking likely. Some good Fingermark Perch were caught right though March, and one monster that would have pushed 90cm followed a lure on several occasions, but wouldn't commit to having a go at it. The barra were very similar.

    Lots were seen following lures and then rolling away, but just didn't seem to want to fully commit. On one day several big barra were seen rising off a wreck in 5 metres of water chasing lures, but not one was hooked. We threw every lure we had at them, deep diver hard bodies, shallow divers, Zerek Prawns, soft plastics of all sizes, even poppers but with no success. Very frustrating I can tell you. I have spoken to other guides and they too have had similar experiences. The only reason we could see for this was the lack of rain has made them a bit fussy. Even so, some good barra have still been caught. Especially 3 or 4 day after the rains, usually in the lower reaches of the sytems and on the flats. One of the most exciting things to happen in March was seeing Mangrove Jack coming back on the bite. They've been a bit quiet over the past few months but March saw some cracking days, especially in the second half of the month. At times the bite periods were short, but in those short half hour periods dozens of good legal size jacks were smashing lures and live baits. With April the last month before water temperatures start to reduce, we're looking forward to April being an even better month on the estuary fishing front.